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2015 will bring a new era of casino gaming to Hungary. The Las Vegas Casino Sofitel Budapest continues to operate for an uninterrupted 22+ years; since the 2nd of January 2015 under a new concession contract. In addition, 4 new casinos are opening and awaiting guests in Hungary’s captital city. Our aim is to offer our guests a high quality, dazzling atmosphere and thrilling casino environment while they can experience the incomparable feeling of winning.

Guests can try their luck on various live tables, electronic roulette machines and slot machines. All slot machines are connected to a 4-level Jackpot system (Minipot, Bronze, Silver and Gold Jackpot), which means that the Jackpot can be won any time on any machines.

The casinos are open


to everyone above the age of 18, with only a brief registration process as required by local law. Guests are requested bring a valid photo ID or passport for their first visit (driving licence is not accepted).

Our players enjoy 0-24 hour access to our facilities. We have no specific dress code. Guests are welcome in either elegant wear or everyday casual, based on generally accepted community standards.