The winners of Budapest Poker Open 2016

With the final on November 20, 2016, the 8th Budapest Poker Open ended at Las Vegas Casino Atrium EuroCenter, with a total of 167 people competing this year for the total prize of 50.100.000 HUF.

Balázs Botond became the champion of Budapest Poker Open 2016, who could take 12.024.000 HUF home.

Las Vegas Casino launched the Budapest Poker Open in 2005, which has become the country’s largest poker tournament. In the 2016 championship a total of 18 people were awarded, this time Balázs Botond,  the 3rd place winner of  BPO 2015, could take the winning trophy home.

The first three winners of Budapest Poker Open 2016:

1st place, the champion of Budapest Poker Open 2016: Balázs Botond

2nd place: Miklós Zsuffa

3rd place: Morgan McGlew

We also hosted Ladies Open this year as the BPO’s side tournament for female players especially, where Ibolya Péntek proved to be the best of 2016.